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Cross Training at RVA Floorball

We will work with your teams!!!Face off

Cross Training with RVA Floorball

We are offering Cross-training to Field Hockey teams and Hockey teams at RVA Floorball for youth programs. 


  •  Our Cross-Training program will work with all age groups
  •  RVA Floorball will partner with coaches to create the best plan for your team to be successful. 
  •   When on the court at RVA floorball we will be using sticks regularly to work on Stick handling, Shooting, and Passing to one another while, playing fun games.
  •   When playing Floorball, we will be doing a lot of cardio which will help player develop agility.
  •   The rules in Floorball will challenge a defense player to work on their defensive skills and offensive skills. 
  •    While playing floorball we will work on creating plays together on and off the court. RVA Floorball will always encourage team work and communication between players.
  •   We will create a safe environment where player will be getting exercise while playing fun games.

Please contact the Director of the program , if you would like more information about the Cross-training program at RVA  Floorball

    RVA Floorball will provide equipment. 

A Referee will there to make calls during game play. 

We will rent the gym out with one Staff member or more to teams.

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